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Search Engine Marketing: Did you know how do search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing make money. They make most of their revenue by displaying ads in the search engines and also across various partner websites.

PPC Training in Hyderabad

What Are Google Ads?

Google  Ads formerly known a Google Adwords is an online advertising network of Alphabet Inc which displays the ads of advertisers across various Google  Partnered websites and Platforms. And they charge advertiser mainly on Cost per Click and Cost per Impressions

SEOSiddhi offers In-Depth Knowledge on Google Adwords Search Network, Display Network, Video Marketing, Remarketing, Mobile App, Shopping, etc. at Hyderabad, Vanasthalipuram.

Types of Google Ad Campaigns

  1. Search Network with Display Ads
  2. Search Network Only
  3. Display Network Only
  4. Shopping Ads
  5. Video
  6. App
  7. Smart

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