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What is Online Reputation Management?

In Today’s world ,when it comes to Online , any one can post anything online is a mixed blessing, Many websites or companies have encountered this, some post half truths or completely lies about them ..this is where ORM or Online Reputation Management steps in..

Negative comments or posts or reviews can find themselves in the top of the Google Search engine result pages.these may adversely have direct impact or degrade the successful long standing company brand or reputation.

Lets us come to know how to approach in such scenarios ..after checking with the main Reputation keywords such as company name ,brand etc in Google SERP, also search with main keywords of that company.

If u find post or comments or reviews of negative impact,check for the name or email in the comments or post ,contact them directly through email or phone, mentioning that please remove such post or comments ,as that would affect our brand or reputation.